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If you are a talented carer with ambition and a passion for delivering outstanding care or have compassion and are looking for a career in care but have no experience, we want to hear from you.
What’s important is that you are compassionate and are committed to delivering outstanding care to help us fulfil our vision. 

Our carers really do care about our residents and are dedicated and warm-hearted.  They play a vital role in the lives of our residents and their families and are the most vital members of our team.  You will be involved in supporting the daily activities of our residents in a relationship-centred manner; promoting their dignity, independence and well-being, and becoming an integral part of their lives.

If you don’t have any experience, we will support and train you to promote your understanding of clinical issues and to develop your own career pathway, ensuring that you feel confident in all aspects of the role.

Maybe you are a committed and experienced carer and are looking to take that next step to leading a team.  Our senior carers are a vital part of our leadership team at our homes and are fundamental in providing the outstanding care our residents deserve.

Learning & Development

We have examples of amazing career journeys of our current team; one of our Regional Directors started as a Business Administrator, another as a Nurse in one of our beautiful homes. One of our Regional Clinical Specialists started her career as a Carer. We have opportunities for Kitchen Assistants to become fully trained Chefs, an apprentice in hospitality is now a Hospitality Services Manager; the opportunities are endless. We have specialist development opportunities for all professions and offer a range of exciting and innovative leadership programmes.

Below is the typical career pathway offered by Hallmark Care Homes to help you progress you career with us.



Work Experience

Care Assistant

Qualification for role:
Intermediate Apprenticeship
QCF Diploma - Level 2

  • Introduction into carer role including the care certificate.
  • Hallmark Introduction
  • Induction into apprenticeship
  • Common induction Standards
  • Core and option units according to role

Senior Care Assistant

Qualification for role:
Advanced Apprenticeships
QCF Diploma – Level 3

  • Induction into Senior Care Assistant role.
  • Coaching & Mentoring Programme
  • Supervision & Appraisal workshop
  • Introduction to leadership report
  • Core option units as appropriate to the role (to include medication units)

Advanced Care Practitioner

Qualification for role:

  • Leadership workshop – Level 2
  • Care Planning
  • Medication
  • Physiological Measurements
  • Minor Clinical Procedures
  • Maths and English

Nursing Associate

BSc Honours in Adult Nursing

Professional Registration

BSc Honours in Adult Nursing

Pay Scales

Mandatory and Legislative training, appraisal and supervision and on going continuing professional development.

Level 1

New Carer (Entry Level)

Level 2

Carer Completed Induction & working well within Community

Level 3

Carer Completed Level 2 QCF or Apprenticeship

Level 4

Senior Carer Working on Level 3 QCF or Apprenticeship

Level 5

Senior Carer Completed Level 3 QCF or Apprenticeship

Level 6

Advanced Care Practitioner

Level 7

Associate Nurse


“Knowing that we’re making a difference to someone else’s life on a day to day basis, it’s the best feeling you can have. It makes me feel incredibly proud of what I do.”

Kieran Wilding, Care Assistant, Bucklesham Grange Care Home